The Must-Have Layers for Spring

Now that we’ve made the transition from winter to spring (and bid farewell to our snow boots), we might find ourselves wondering “Is it warm enough to wear this today?” Fear not, these spring outfits provide flexibility for layering up and layering down, so your outfit can fluctuate throughout the day as much as the weather! 

1. The Oversized Blazer

The oversized blazer is the catch-all for all seasons. Throw it on with your fav denim and a tee when temps are warmer, or swap the tee for a sweater and boots when the air is a bit chilly. 

2. Cozy Pants

A cozy print can make all the difference in the feel of your favorite pants! 

3. T-Shirt Sweater

A t-shirt weight sweater is the perfect thing to throw on when you’re going from outdoors to indoors and back again. 

4. Sweater Dress

Comfort with a touch of class. This sweater dress is a great mid-week wear. Add some cozy leggings and you’ll be ready to tackle the humpday and wrap the week up. 

5. Trendy Sneakers

Keep the sneaks! They’re a favorite with a pair of pants — you can never go wrong with your favorite pair. 

6. Spring Dress

Warmer days are ahead as summer is on the horizon. This comfy dress evokes dreams of those days. It works equally well in the classroom as it does on the beach or poolside. Breathable, comfy, and blossoming with the colors of spring.