Powerless Dynamics

School has long been rife with power structures. Recently we’ve come to discover that learning is done best when power is placed with the individual. Putting a belief in the individual – the teacher, the learner – ensures that ownership is felt in each role. But, unfortunately, structures and dynamics haven’t caught up with our knowledge yet.

Burning Questions: Using Big Questions That Lead to Big Learning

It was the early days of remote learning. I was staring at a screen full of avatars, as not a single 12th grade student had their camera on. I was talking into the void, unsure if anyone was listening or learning. I missed their faces. I missed their jokes. I missed their interruptions, comments, questions and most of all, I missed the connection. On the screen, I couldn’t see the ah-ha faces or the looks of confusion. I couldn’t tell if they were drifting or most importantly, if they were okay. But then, I asked some big questions, and the magic was back.