Your Teach from Home Space

Our homes used to be our sanctuaries. During the pandemic, much was asked of them. They were tasked with being our refuge, our workspace, our gym, our cafeteria, and our play space. With a lot of virtual teaching behind us, it’s time to reclaim our home spaces for grading, relaxing, and planning for the next day … It’s time to rebuild our sanctuary.

Dear Lydia

I have recently been exposed to techniques for a more student-centered education and the concepts instantly clicked. PBL, experiential, simulations ― the stories all warm my heart and reinvigorate me about this career. The problem is, most of that stuff doesn’t work when you’re responsible for teaching sentence structure, or reading classic texts, or writing essays. It feels like I finally found my calling, but I’m trapped just inches away from it. 

Take a vacay . . . with students

Traveling with students has always been a challenging proposition. Even the traditional senior trip to Washington, D.C., took months of planning, fundraising, and permission gathering. Once there, you had to be a tour guide and student wrangler. Plus, you spent your nights listening for doors opening and footsteps in the hallway.  Even if you wanted […]

Dear Lydia

I’m a 25-year-old female history teacher, and I feel like I sound like a Boomer for what I’m about to say… but it’s true! Many kids these days (see how it starts?) face very few obstacles from the moment they’re born until they get to my 10th-grade history class. Parents seem fixated on removing barriers, knocking down hurdles, and coddling kids when they run into discomfort.

4 Things the Pandemic Did to Change Teaching Forever

The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped the world and how we go about living our lives. One of the hardest hit sectors was education, which pivoted to a largely virtual model that caused teachers and students alike to rethink the best strategies for learning, communication, and socialization. Throughout the crisis, nearly 93% of households with school-aged children […]